Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Dribbell

On my journey to becoming a Licentiate of the UKA I have found myself extremely privilaged to have a lot of doors opened to me. Don't get me wrong, it's been hard work but it's been (generally) fun.

My UKA status allowed me to become a licenced adjudicator for the British Dance Council enabling me to judge for 4 Open Salsa Championships held by 'Uncle Phil' Kaila and his Salsa North West team. I have judged with the fabulous Irene Miguel, the legend that is Robert Charlemagne and Kizomba master Nelson Campos as well as Miguel Rico (of Miguel and Mayana fame).

I have worked alongside Rohan 'Smooth MC' Brown, judged for Fire in his Colours of the Rainbow competitions for schools and assisted with his UKA medal tests. I even had a stint as compere and judge for Ronnie Raul at his United Kingdom World Open Salsa Championship. I have also had the pleasure of judging for Lady Latin Vibes, Akile Alexander and scrutineering for Funda Layton at her 3 Counties competitions.

I performed for Garry and Giselle with Carol Cunningham at their Berties venue. As a regular lecturer at the annual UKA conference in Blackpool, I took the opportunity to hone my skills in Bellydance and even gained certifications in HipHop, Argentine Tango and Kizomba - although Salsa is still my weapon of choice (interspersed with those influences at times). I have worked as half of a dynamic duo with Ansell Chezan on a visit to Romania to aid the Rueda World Champions as well as on regular teaching jobs.

My classes of Salsa have seen me working with Gio Papas and Paul Marcel in the Guildford region, Ansell Chezan and Sandra in Dulwich (for Brenda Bishop), Ansell (again) for Maria 'Hot Salsa' in Enfield as well as for Maria on my own at her fabulous Trent Park venue. I was also called to St Helens for my Rueda by the Ballroom Empress herself, Rita Pover - an honour and true privilage.

I have had classes in my own right (both Salsa and Bellydance), given individual tuition and guidance and (through the UKA conference) found myself working with the inimitable figure of a woman that is Judy 'Dos Seis' Benoit Milner.

Via Judy, I landed myself a mixed bag of wonderful students with whom Claire Towerzy and myself have guided and nurtured to the exceptionally high standard that they are currently dancing at.

Finally on my list of credits is the true blessing of teaching for Heather Ross at her Salsa birthday party at the club that needs no introduction - Salsatricity.

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